Hailey Bosk


Hey! I’m Hailey!  I grew up in a really small town in the Okanagan Valley, B.C.  In my first degree I majored in painting, and dabbled in some photography as well.  I continued my education in Calgary, AB where I studied Nursing.  This city has suckered me in and I have no desire to leave…yet.  I currently work as a Registered Nurse, but you will often find me wandering the outdoors, looking for the next flight deal, getting messy with some paints, or cooking up a storm.  I always try to maintain a positive attitude and outlook on life; I believe your attitude not only impacts yourself, but has a ripple effect on others around you.  I work hard at being the best version of myself and hope to inspire you to do the same! 

Something I want to get good at:  Managing money and investing.

How I would describe Karina:  A best friend, communicator, energizer bunny, lovable, easy to get along with, makeup wizard and always has your back in any situation! 

Karina Hatterscheidt


Hi! I’m Karina. I've attended a total of 4 different universities/colleges in my life, and am a certified freelance makeup artist. I moved to Calgary a few years ago to pursue a career in ultrasound. Since then, it’s where I’ve stayed. Although I didn’t think I would, I love the city because of it’s young energy and constant sunshine! I have many seemingly unconnected interests: fitness, cooking, watercolor, makeup, volleyball, music, marketing, language, just to name a few. But above everything, what I’m truly passionate about is personal growth and making progress in as many "categories" of my life as I can. I’ve come to find that each thing I get better at, begins to serve me in ways I hadn’t even considered when I'd started. And the more things that serve me, the more I feel the value that is added to my life. My hope is that as I find ways to crack my own puzzles, and cultivate my own passions, I can document and spread the skills I acquire along the way!

Something I want to get good at: Flexibility and Mobility.

How I would describe Hailey: Sweet, laid-back, creative, clean-freak, talented, constant fun-seeker, and just about the easiest person to be around in the world!