The Secret to Flawless Makeup (Part I)


When I worked at the MAC store in Calgary, the top 3 questions I was asked were:

  1. “Can you do the Kim Kardashian look on me?!”

  2. “What colour of lipstick does Kylie Jenner use?” (Whirl lip-liner btw)


  1. “How do I make my foundation look flawless and not cakey?”


Well...since the Kim K look is on it's way out now and the Victoria’s Secret Model Karlie Kloss look is in...the relevance of this post will be in answering question number three!

I think the transition in trend has gone from heavy "Kardashian" and “Instagram” makeup looks, to light and natural "Victoria Secret Model" looks with soft skin and eye focuses. I love this shift in trend because I think this is when you’re truly getting your makeup to work for you. The focus becomes you looking your best and natural self, but in a more perfect and polished way. Instead of trying to cover everything up, you’re letting your beautiful face show through; A flawless, airbrushed, and glow-y version of you! It’s all a woman needs to feel confident, pretty and ready to take anything on that day.

Kim-K-Makeup 2.jpg

Trend 2016


Trend 2018

The key to achieving flawless makeup? Correctly preparing your canvas. Yes, that’s right. Skin care and Skin prep - before you even touch your face with a drop of makeup!

This is why I’m writing a two-part post on achieving Flawless Makeup. I may even argue that this is the most important part. Most girls underestimate the difference preparing your skin really makes on the outcome of your makeup look. It is literally the difference between priming a surface before painting and painting without primer. The outcome is incomparable.

In Calgary, taking care of our skin is even more important because of how dry it is. If you’re not staying on top of exfoliating and moisturizing, your makeup will just be a disaster.

Every girl has their own skin care routine. Keep in mind this is not necessarily about the specific brands of product, but rather the action, the habit, and the order of the application routine. With serums, oils, moisturizers, sunscreens, toners etc., the order of applying things can be confusing, but I will break it down for you in an easy way to remember. Let’s get started!

Order of Application: 

It's easiest to think about the order like this: Least viscous products to most viscous products. The thinner products absorb into the skin more easily and if the thicker products go on first, their properties can act as a barrier to the thinner products. 


Makeup Remover

Remove your makeup before bed! Even if I have a super late night (or a really early morning!) I take my makeup off before I hit that mattress. Not taking care to do this step will leave you with clogged pores resulting in acne, and broken eyelashes from your dried and tangled mascara.



Using a makeup remover alone isn't enough. Cleanse your face to get rid of traces of makeup left behind and remove the dirt and grime built up from the day. In the morning I only use water and no cleanser because I don't want to dry my skin out or remove natural oils from my face too frequently. 



THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP if you want your makeup application to be flawless! I use a clarisonic 3-4 times a week. Additionally I'll exfoliate right before a special event or night out when I want my makeup to appear extra flawless. It helps to slough off that uneven surface layer of skin cells that block the natural glow! Recently I've been loving this Face Polish from Rocky Mountain Soap co. Normally, though, I use baking soda. It has the perfect consistency and it's cheap! (It makes the perfect LIP SCRUB too FYI)


Toner & Serum


Next apply your toner to bring balance back to the pH levels in your skin. 

If you have a serum to correct redness, add moisture, even out skin tone, prevent wrinkles etc., apply it after the toner. I like to add a little facial massage in at this point for circulation and lymphatic drainage. This makes a big difference in your skins appearance, trust me!



I'm a HUGE fan of facial oil. If you don't have one, get one. Especially in the dry climate of YYC! Apply it, massage it, and let it soak in before moving on to the next step. This is the biggest secret of mine to get perfect glowing makeup!


Moisturizer & Sunscreen

Once your oil has been absorbed (1-2 minutes), apply a thin layer of moisturizer to hydrate and lock in all that work you just went through to achieve and maintain your healthy skin.

If your moisturizer doesn't have a built-in sunscreen, apply a thin layer of this to protect your skin from that harsh Calgary sun. 

Aside from drinking a TON of water, these step are vital for not only achieving the healthiest skin, but for prepping your face to get the most flawless and healthy makeup look you've ever had!

In Summary:

1. Drink lot's of water

2. Apply product in order of thinnest to thickest

3. Remove Makeup, Cleanse, Exfoliate (when needed), Tone, Apply Serum, Apply Oil, Moisturize, Use Sunscreen

Once your skin is ready to go, there ARE a few tips and tricks I use in my makeup application to get that naturally flawless skin-finished look. Whether you want minimal makeup, or a heavier coverage, your makeup never needs to look thick or cake-y. Now that you've prepped your skin into the perfect canvas, check out my next post on makeup tricks to finish your perfect look!

xo Karina