A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the Perfect Card for Someone Special


Hello lovelies!  Well, Mother's Day is coming up and I think we should all make our mama's feel a little special on that day, don't you agree?!  I have friends that constantly ask me "Can you teach me how to be creative?" or "Can you teach me how to draw?".  The answer is simply YES I can!!!  I'm going to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to make one of the most simple, thoughtful, and easy cards that you can give to your mom for Mother's Day.  The best part - you only need a few supplies and it's so EASY and CUTE!!  Receiving a home made gift is the best, so why not create one for your special mama?!  




  1. Acrylic Paint - These paints are from the dollar store - they obviously are not good quality but will get the job done.  I used white, yellow and red to mix various peaches and pinks.  Choose your favourite!
  2. Brushes - One small brush and one medium sized brush.
  3. White Card Stock - I bought a package of blank white cards from Michaels, but you could use white card stock and fold your own.  Please use paper that is thicker than standard printer paper!
  4. Black Marker - This one is not permanent, but the small tipped end of a permanent marker will work just fine!

Start by squeezing your colours of choice on a paper plate.  I mixed 3 different colours to use for the card.  You won't need to use any water for this part, just mix away until you get the colours you like!  I'd recommend using lighter colours so that there will be more contrast when you draw overtop of the paint.  Once you have your colours mixed you are ready to start!!


Before you begin, I have a few words of advice - do not try to make this PERFECT!  It will not be perfect no matter what, and I don't like perfect anyway.  You're supposed to have FUN with this, and it should not be stressful!  You can't really mess this up FYI.  If you hate your colour you mixed, or the flower you drew, you can paint overtop of it and start again - nothing is really permanent.  Regardless, your mom is going to LOVE this card no matter what.  The fact that you are putting in time and effort to make her something homemade will be appreciated.  She's not going to notice if a line is crooked, or you messed up in one tiny spot - she's going to be so HAPPY that you took time to make her this! 

Are you ready?!  Fire up your favourite playlist, pour a glass of wine and LETS GET STARTED!



Step 1:

Using the medium sized brush start by painting 1 square in the middle of the card, and then add 1 square on either side.  Don't worry about making the squares perfect!  Rinse brushes with water.  Wait until paint is dry before step 2.


Step 2:

 With white paint and a skinny brush, paint a "snowflake-like" pattern on top of your squares.  This provides a guide for your flower pedals.  


Step 3:

Next, thicken the lines you painted.  Make the ends of the flower pedals a little thicker than the centre if possible.  Rinse brush with water.  Let this COMPLETELY dry before moving onto Step 4.


Step 4:

Using a black marker, draw a circle in the centre of each flower.


Step 5:

Draw 4 pedals on each flower before adding the rest. 


Step 6:

Complete the pedals.  Again, don't worry about them being perfect.  


Step 7:

You could keep your flowers simple, but I added 2 lines on each pedal for more detail.  


Step 8:

Draw a box around each square.  Start with the inside box first, then the outer box and add the dots last.  I did not use a ruler because I didn't want my lines to be perfectly straight.  Less perfect the better ;) 


Step 9:

This is the only step where I used pencil first, just to make sure my writing was somewhat centred.  I also think the card still looks cute without any writing so you could leave it as is.  Feel free to write whatever you want as well!

Or maybe you think your mom would appreciate a punny card...copy this instead ;)




























There you have it! You could always have your card vertical and do one flower instead of three - be creative.  Fill the inside with a thoughtful message and guaranteed you will make your Mom's day.  Hopefully you found this post helpful, if you'd like to see more posts like this, please leave a comment below :)


xoxo Hailey