Perfect Pasta Swaps for Lighter Eating


Let's face it! All of us are now working hard toward our bikini bodies for summer! We finally got our first couple of hot days in Calgary and MAN that's been feeling good!

So I know in the winter time we tend to crave hot and hearty meals, like pastas and warm bread. But summer is upon on us, so I'm already feeling like eating on the lighter side. I follow a lot of nutrition pages, blogs and you tubers. Every so often they will suggest something like Kelp noodles to keep your meals calorie-light and healthy while still giving you the "fullness" that traditional pasta brings. But what are Kelp Noodles? And whats the difference between eating them and choosing to eat something like a Chickpea Pasta? And then when you walk down the noodle aisle in the grocery store, there are a bajillion options now for different types of pastas like "gluten-free", "spinach" or "smart" pastas. But are they REALLY healthier than plain white pasta?

Well it can ALL be confusing, and I wanted the nutritional breakdown of each of these types of pastas I was hearing about. So I compiled a compare and contrast list myself. 

I looked up a variety of pastas they sell at the grocery store too. Catelli, for example, sells smart pasta, bistro pasta, gluten-free pasta, super greens pasta, protein pasta, and other variations of noodles. DON'T BE FOOLED FOR MISTAKING THESE AS HEALTHY! They all have roughly the same amount of calories, carbs and fat content as plain white pasta. They are just extracted or infused with slightly different things, but in the end it's pretty darn close to eating white pasta. 

So without further ado, here are some great suggestions of healthy noodles you can swap your current pastas out for. These are super filling and will help you get lean for your bikini body! I've included the nutritional information for each. Some have more/less calories and or carbs than others. Some are higher in protein, some are higher in fat...but they are ALL better than white pasta, and you can choose whichever option suits you for your own diet!


All of the following nutritional information is for 2oz (56g) of pasta.

Compare all of those to WHITE PASTA which has 216 calories, 43g of carbs and next to no nutritional value. VERMICELLI RICE noodles and WHOLE WHEAT pasta have approximately the same number of calories and carbs as white pasta. 

The "Miracle Noodle" AKA Shirataki noodle is made from the root of the Konjac plant. It is the only noodle that has NO calories or carbs! These noodles soak up the flavor of whatever it is you cook them in. They are extremely popular in Japan.

So depending on what your dietary goals are, there are some great options out there to keep it lean and healthy!

My favourite?! The edamame bean pasta. It has about half the amount of carbs than say whole wheat pasta, but has a TON of protein. The texture resembles that of regular pasta quite closely. I just made a spaghetti sauce and used the edamame bean pasta for it and it was DELICIOUS! 

Try some of these and tell us what you think. Which one's YOUR favourite?!

xoxo Karina